Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ready or Not

I play my enemies like a game a chess....

Last week I basically reintroduced my brain to some old school music that I loved back in middle school/high school. The Fugees were a group straight out of NJ. West Orange to be exact. I know this because when we would play them in basketball they would break out an old school tape of Lauryn Hill singing the National Anthem when she came and visited the school she once graduated from. They were so proud. They had to have security escort us on and off the bus but for those few minutes there was calm in the room.

I love the Fugees. Love them. I am not ashamed to admit that I literally know every single word to their album. Every single one. Especially this song right here. This was my JAM. When Lauryn would come on with her rap verse I thought that she really was going to take over the world.

I miss music like this. The music that just makes you go there. Makes you not ashamed to roll down your windows turn up the beat and literally rap like you think you belong.

Don't deny it. If you know this song, you at one point in your life thought you were tough. ha. True.

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