Friday, July 9, 2010

Its the Weekend!

Thats right you saw your calendar correctly. Its Friday. Time again to cut loose and take some time for yourself! Its the weekend! My plans! Hanging out with this fantastic lady!!
(creepiest picture of my mom ever taken)

So yeah my mother is coming for a last minute visit! Now I understand how I am able to just get up and travel at a moments notice. I got that from her! She literally called me yesterday and said that she was on her way! Love that.

So today and for the rest of the weekend you will most likely find us at some museum, eating massive amounts of food, at Target shopping for stuff for my apt, and finally at the grocery store because well she is going to be disappointed to find that I only have butter and syrup in my fridge.

And while we are doing these activities you can be sure that we will be listening to something like this. My favorite, my mothers favorite. Again, there is a reason I love her so much.

~Have a great weekend everyone~

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