Monday, July 26, 2010

So Hot Out

The image above perfectly depicts my friend Michelle and I when we got home from the Dave Matthews concert on Friday night. It easily was the hottest damn concert that I have ever sat through in my entire life.

There were points when we just looked at each other and thought "what the hell are we actually doing here?" I think a lot of people asked themselves that question on Friday night. It easily didn't go under 95 degrees the entire evening.

There was a lot of sweating, water, beer, semi-pathetic dancing, and tons of sitting in the hot chairs wondering where our nice summer down here in Virginia has gone. The band equally as hot, tried their hardest to play music that didn't require the crowd to do too much dancing (a feat virtually impossible).

But they did play a pretty show. A show full of slower type songs, I downloaded the show last night and while listening back realized that they played one of my favorite new songs. (I believe I was suffering major heat stroke at this moment). Yet the song below is just a fantastically written and performed song.

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  1. still get goosebumps...good old dave. it was nice to see you :)