Friday, July 9, 2010

No More Dancing?

So this morning when reading my daily news I found an interesting article online at In this article is announced plans for a new city ordnance here in Richmond that well, how can I explain this in terms that people will understand. Its basically so vaguely written that it will require a space "where dance is permitted" to obtain a permit and hire extra security and if they don't comply no dancing will be allowed.

Again. No dancing will be allowed.

Are you serious? People all over the city are outraged over this. The whole idea of this in general was to stop the violence that is plaguing Richmond cities OUTSIDE of their nightclubs. Yes outside. So why come in and punish the people inside? More security will easily lead to higher fees and ticket prices.

This ordnance is so poorly written that it will even in some cases if not followed correctly will outlaw dancing at the Richmond Ballet. So Richmond, come on do we want to be compared to the town in footloose? Get your heads back out of the sand and stop passing stupid things!

Thank you. This has been your daily announcement brought to you by the committee of individuals who enjoys getting down.

Signing off.
K. Boogie

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