Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Music! KT Tunstall

Alert! New music alert! One of my favorite artists is back with a new song. KT Tunstall which most pop people know as the "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" but her bigger fans know that really her best songs are "Suddenly I See", "Other Side of the World" and "Another Place to Fall". When this girls cd came out last year I was one of the first on line to buy it. She is original, super talented and just overall amazing.

This new song shows the direction she is taking with her new album. A blend of acoustic and electronic. Very exciting. Looking forward to September to hear the full album.

For now enjoy the first cut "Push That Knot Away".

"When the dark comes, when the dark comes to your door
Will you deny him don't recognize him
He's not welcome anymore
In your life, in your life, in your LIFE"

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