Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Hitchhiker Ever

Not too sure what I would do if I was driving down the road on the way to a show the person I was heading to see hitchhiking his way to the venue. Well that is exactly what happened to a couple outside Hersey Pennsylvania yesterday who ended up picking up Dave Matthews and taking him to his own show. From the story it sounds like Dave was out on a bike ride when he blew a tire and didn't have a cell phone on me. Not knowing what to do he literally started walking and trying to catch a ride to the nearby venue. Luckily a couple on the way to the show ended up stopping, strapping his bike to their car and taking their idol to his show. Unbelievable.
Dave was so grateful that he ended up taking the couple out to dinner, giving them backstage passes and putting them front and center for that nights show. He also recounted the entire story on stage and thanked the strangers.
Again unbelievable.

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