Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Congrats Mo!

As a life long Yankee fan last night was a very emotional All-Star game. It would be the last time we saw our hero our savior Mariano Rivera pitch in an All-Star game; making it even more real that this is really the end for probably the greatest pitcher my eyes will ever see. And well they paid him every bit of respect that he deserved.

The top of the 8th inning started with the familiar tune of 'Enter Sandman'. We see a shot of Mo getting ready to run out on to Citi Field. He enters the stadium to a huge standing ovation but something was different. In respect for the man not one player took the field giving Mo his final spotlight. He ran to the mound. A catcher came out to catch some of his warm ups. The benches cleared still cheering for the man, and Mo did what he is known for. He was gracious, he was emotional, bowed his head at each side and quietly started the inning. Of course he retired each of the batters he faced in easy fashion but his night was not over. 

Rivera got the last honor that he had yet to achieve in his baseball career. All-Star MVP. He stood there with the crystal bat kind of in shock about how the evening went. For anyone else I would think that they would know they deserved it... but thats just not Mo. He is literally the most selfless player I have ever seen. That matched with his talent is the reason that he has garnered this much respect not only in the MLB but across all of sports.

As a Yankee fan this season is going to be tough when it comes to a close. 'Enter Sandman' will always make me think of this man and his dominance. But I hope more than anything that players across the country will see how Rivera conducts himself and take a hint. He is surely one of those players where I thank my lucky stars I was able to see numerous times with my own eyes.

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