Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LORDE - Royals

I really hope you all are paying attention because this 16 year old is taking the music world by storm and you will be able to say that you heard her music before she actually 'blew up'. 

The Daily Beast has a fantastic article about her that you can read RIGHT HERE. Here is the part that I particularly loved.

"Royals" the hit tune by the 16 year old New Zealand songstress Lorde, is the anti-Magna Carta/Holy Grail poking fun at the outrageous excess of hip-hop music in galvanizing, teen-targeting pop anthem. The song is off of the Love Club EP - a collection of five songs released on SoundCloud in late 2012 as a free stream, where it was downloaded more than 60,000 times. When "Royals" was officially released this March, it made its debut at number 1 on the New Zealand charts, where it stayed for three weeks. 

Lorde wrote the song in July 2012, inspired in part by the Jay Z and Kanye West collaborative album Watch The Throne

"I really enjoyed it" she says "I can get absorbed in Kanye's world, but a part of me is always like "This is kind of bullshit--all the crazy extravagances he's talking about. And I started listening to a lot more top 40 music, and realized a lot of the stuff isn't very relateable to anyone's lives.

Instead, Lorde sought to create pop anthems that capture teenage ennui and aggravation, whether its falling in with the wrong crowd or the monotony of partying. Her songs which she co-wrote are all culled from her real-life experiences"

Trust me when I say you must keep your eye out for this one....

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