Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Moment Espy Winner

If you haven't noticed by now my little brother and I watch a lot of award shows together and comment back and forth the entire evening via text message. Its always some of my favorite nights out of the entire year and last night during the ESPY's it was no different. Some of the text we were sending to each other made me laugh so hard it almost hurt. Yet my favorite was after the "Best Moment" award was given to Team Jack. Jack is a brain cancer patient who was given the opportunity to join his favorite team Nebraska for a play on the field and scored a touchdown. It was one of the best clips from the entire year and it was not a surprise that he deserved the win and ended up getting it. 

My favorite text was right after he won from Rick: "What kind of acceptance speech would you have given if you were Alex Morgan and somehow you won this award...." Followed by: "That would have been super super awkward".

Other great texts from the evening included:
"The Lochte jokes killed me"

"Puig is a loser"

"PS- Snoop is high as F**K"

"How hold is Gabby Douglas? Holy shit--she does not look 17. I feel like a creeper"

"Oh man you are going to cry again..."

"All I've learned from tonight is 1. Sports are awesome. 2. Cancer is not"

"This is the saddest ESPYs ever"

Then we went on a tear over DeAndre Jordan's dunk over Brandon Knight"

"Who gives a stink face after a dunk"

He FW a tweet he read "I'm just glad they didn't show Brandon Knight's photo in the ESPYs 'In Memory Of Segment'

"If you search Brandon Knight, the first thing that comes up is Brandon Knight death and Brandon Knight RIP"

"His wikipedia page was even briefly updated to say that he died March 10 in a game against the Clippers, with the cause of death listed simply as 'DeAndre Jordan'
And this my friends is why I love my little brother. HAHA.

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