Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Culture of Phish

Last week I talked all about how PBS was going to do a new interview with Trey and asked for all of our Phish stories. I'm sad to report that my photo and story was not picked from the thousands that were submitted but that's okay. The ones that were, are awesome.

The video interview is above. To read more follow this LINK. And below I will post some of the fan quotes below.

Like I said these quotes are amazing and perfectly sum up what it means to be a phish fan. Its also good to know that I'm not alone in this world.

"My bank account alone will attest to the importance of Phish in my life."

"Phish is a musical force unlike any other band, and Trey Anastasio is a jedi."

"As a high school teacher, I have often come across students who are huge music lovers. When I hone in on that passion, I will introduce them to Phish, knowing I am altering their perspective on music forever."

"People who don't get it ask me how I can see 10 concerts in a row from the same band. My response is to compare it to a game... If the Yankees played the Red Sox 10 times in a row, you would never get the same game twice but always have the same electricity and excitement."

"The band has given me my best friends, my wife, the best memories of my life...and a whole lot of great music."

"I have literally become lifelong friends with people who I met while standing in line for a show."
"To this day, I get goosebumps on my skin and butterflies in my stomach on the day of shows, feelings that build and build until the band plays that first note."
"They didn't even have to sing; their instruments spoke for them. My heart was complete."
"The joy I get from hearing the band perform is second only to the joy that comes from the camaraderie and friendship that has endured specifically because of this band and the culture it fosters."
"It's not a Barnum & Bailey Show with acrobatics and fire and death defying acts. They don't need to fly over you on a trapeze to get your attention...they just have to play a bass riff and the crowd goes nuts."
"Some people go to therapists to work through their issues. Me, well I go see Phish. They are my therapy."
"The community was one of the most amazing I have ever experienced. I was on the train from that moment on and have seen them around 100 times."
"We loved the song 'Wading in a Velvet Sea' so much that it was the song we had our first dance to at our wedding."
"I hope they're around long enough to bring my kids some day. They enjoyed Phish in the womb, and the second half of the album Billy Breathes ended up being about the finest lullaby I could find."
"No matter how hectic our lives get we can always reconnect when we hit the road headed for a show."
"I remember the bleachers bouncing, everyone singing along and dancing, chairs being tossed up into the rafters and thinking, this -- whatever this is -- is awesome."
"Phish is an experience, usually life-altering. The kind that whisks you away from your reality, and sends you and your friends on a journey."
Oh and by the way supreme jealousy to my friends who are going to the Maine tour opener tonight. Have fun and be safe. See you all next week.

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