Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emmy Nominations

The Emmy Award nominations were announced this morning and I stayed in my house an extra few minutes to see who grabbed them. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the nominations and then downright appalled at the lack of nominations for other shows. Here is my rundown.

-Big shout out to Netflix for their 8 nominations for House of Cards including Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright for the main acting categories. This is a first for a streaming service. 

-So happy that Laura Linney got nominated for her role in The Big C. So well deserved.

-Also well deserved is Kerry Washington being nominated for her role in Scandal. Show is so addictive...

-My biggest problem is the omission of Parks and Recreatio' for the TV comedy series. Please tell me I don't live in a world where people actually think that The Big Bang Theory is funnier then Parks and Rec. Come on people. Although they did give Amy Poeler a nomination (she better win the damn thing).

-I though Homeland was over nominated this year. Season 2 was nowhere near Season 1 quality. I actually thought Dexter and especially Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan) deserved a nomination.

-Elizabeth Moss was the big winner with nominations for both Mad Men and Top of the Lake.

-Yay for Bill Hader being nominated for his last season on SNL.

-And congrats to Jeff Daniels for the nomination for The Newsroom. Seriously if you are not watching that show get on it! Season 2 just started...

Thats all from me here. Good luck everyone.

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