Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Damn You Sara Bareilles

I told you all this yesterday that I was going to buy Sara's new album and why I was excited for it. Well today I'm here to report that its as amazing as I would have expected and like always I found a song that has broken my heart in two. It always happens on her albums (See the song 'Gravity').

This time the song is called "Manhattan" and the lyrics will hit you like a punch to the throat. Just check out some of them and the song below. Its perfectly devastating....

"You can have Manhattan, I know it's for the best
I'll gather up the avenues and leave them on your doorstep
And I'll tip toe away so you won't have to say you heard me leave
You can have Manhattan, I'll settle for the beach
And sunsets facing westward with sand beneath my feet
I'll wish this away, this missing the days when I was one half of two
And you can have Manhattan cause I can't have you"

This my friends is why this singer-songwriter will never get old in my book. Go pick up her album today!

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