Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Only In My Family....

Only in my family does this conversation actually exist. 

(Recounting the events over the last 24 hours)

So like many kids who fall into my brothers and I age (28-33) grew up on Nickelodeon. It is no surprise that many of us still rank some of these shows as our all time favorites. Well the email exchange over the last 24 hours between my two brothers has proven this.

It started yesterday afternoon when my little brother sent us the bracket above. It looks like Nick is having its own show faceoff and well we couldn't help but chime in on what could happen. 

Its started off with Rick's prediction:

"Hey Dude would face a tough 2nd round with Pete & Pete, but I think it could go all the way…"

Then came my turn to chime in:

"Hey Dude vs Salute Your Shorts in the final!"

Finally my older brother had to set us all straight with his complete breakdown:

"As the most experienced here, I'll breakdown the Final 4 for you…

Animation - Ren & Stimpy
Live Action - Hey Dude
Best Ensemble - Salute Your Shorts
Best Game Show - Double Dare

Hey Dude blows out Ren & Stimpy to go to the finals…
Double Dare beats Salue Your Shorts to go to the finals in a close game

…Double Dare beats Hey Dude on a buzzer beater in the finals…."

And this my friends is the geekery (is that a word) that went on in my family last night. And I wouldn't trade it for the world....


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