Monday, July 8, 2013

Go Andy!

Hello everybody! I hope that this post finds everyone nice and happy after a long holiday weekend. I sure did a lot of eating and relaxing this weekend it was much needed. I don't know about you but when I get some time off of work I tend not to do a damn thing. Maybe its because I'm always at full speed while at work so I take the days off to sleep and relax. Or that my body was just exhausted from the last few weeks and needed a rest. Either way Friday was worth it.
Anyways I spent a good portion of the day yesterday watching the Wimbledon finals where yup finally Andy Murray captured the championship. It finally ended the 77 year drought of a player from England winning the most important sporting prize in the country. It was fun to watch and I may have even shed a few tears for Andy after he pulled out the victory. This is my favorite picture I saw of him today reading all the newspapers.... can you even imagine?
Speaking of tears... do yourself a favor and watch this ESPN 'Carry On' special that aired yesterday. My boyfriend has warned me about Sunday morning SportsCenters before... this one will definitely make you a little emotional.
Happy week everyone.

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