Monday, July 15, 2013

Noooo! Daves Taverna Closed!!!

I just read some devestating news.... one of my favorite college bars at JMU Dave's Taverna closed on Sunday night. This is devestating... I have so many memories from that place. The best (and foggiest) comes the night of my 21st birthday where all my friends took me out for a night that I wish I could forget. It was filled with everything a 21st birthday should have been. Too many shots, dancing on random things, being carried home by friends only to break away and literally go streaking down the street (not one of my finer moments). Dave's Taverna was our go to spot. Not only for late night food and music but just all around good times. Here is a part of an article I read from JMUSports Blog today and it perfect sums up why that place was the best.
"It’s been years (many, many years) since we were in school and we realize that our stories about Dave’s can toe the line between authentic and apocryphal. If my memory serves me right (and it probably does not) happy hour ran from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. During that time, pitchers of beer were $1.95. After happy hour ended, they bumped up to like $2.25 or something. Granted, you could get a keg at Mike’s Chevron for $27 bucks at the time, but that was still pretty damn cheap. And nobody was going to serve you gyros drinking off a keg at your friend’s apartment.
So the beer prices were obviously a huge draw. The rather lax ID policy also helped pull in plenty of students. Didn’t have an ID? No biggie. You could just order water initially and then magically change your mind and ask for a glass for the pitcher, after the waitress came back with the pitcher…and your friend had passed you his ID under the table. It was real cloak and dagger stuff. I swear I was there one night when 3 of the 4 people sitting in a booth used the same ID. It’s a wonder the place wasn’t shut down years ago when you think about it. And did we mention that the ATM directly across the street used to let you withdraw a minimum of $5? Talk about perfect placement"

I really hope someone is able to buy this place and bring it back to its glory....
Sad day for JMU kids.

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