Thursday, May 27, 2010

America Gets It Wrong....Again.

Well last night I did watch the American Idol finale (insert jokes here). I just couldn't turn it off. The people that they brought out last night were just hilarious. Kinda good, but mostly hilarious. I mean Alice Cooper? Chicago? Hall and Oats? Really? It was hilarious. I really did think that the show aimed at middle schoolers? Guess not. I was happy to see Brett Michaels walk out onto the stage and sing again, that man refuses to give up, refuses!

Anyways, for the second year in a row, those stupid middle schoolers chose the wrong idol again. I mean not that it matters, the losers end up having better careers then the winners anyways but still its shocking how wrong America is sometimes. Wait hold on, we did elect George Bush. TWICE. (I take back how smart of a nation we are.)

So I guess I'm not really surprised that they picked someone with very little talent and stage presence over this girl.

Below are my two favorite performances last night.

First is Crystal singing a duet with...thats right Alanis Moorissette. And you know what, Alanis still looks great, rocked the stage and sounded fantastic. Great duet.

The second performance explains exactly why I think this girl should have won. Idol pulled out all the stops last night and brought out Joe Cocker to sing a final song with the two finalists. And all I have to say is wow. First off, Mr. Cocker still has got some soul in him. He looked terrible but actually sounded quite great for a man who has had one hell of a life. And second just take a look at how happy Crystal is with this performance. Its as if she is thinking "who cares about this idol shit, i'm singing with JOE COCKER!". She was smiling having fun, sounded just fantastic!! Lee (i guess thats who won) sat on the side as the third wheel, unnoticed, taking a backseat to two talents. I just can't get over how much fun she is having...i'm so jealous!

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