Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunshine Song

I absolutely adore this song. I adore the acoustic value of this version. I really enjoy the lyrics that feel like they are slipping off the pages and running circles in my mind. It perfectly depicts some of the feelings of being lost over the last few weeks, but it reminds me that there is a land where we learn and take from everybody. That its okay to feel down sometimes and its okay to have friends around to pick you back up. Because...

"well sometimes the sun shines on
others people's houses and not mine.
some days the clouds paint the sky all gray
And it takes away my summertime
somehow the sun keeps shining upon you
while I struggle to get mine
if there's a light in everybody
send out your ray of sunshine.
I want to walk the same roads as everybody else
through the trees and past the gates.
getting high on heavenly breezes,
making new friends along the way.
I won't ask much of nobody
I'm just here to sing along.
and make my mistakes look gracious,
and learn some lessons from my wrongs.

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