Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Loving Cup (Alternate Version)

Thats right you just read that title correctly. I'm bringing you a new version of one of my all time favorite Rolling Stones songs...."Loving Cup". Today marks the re-release of their legendary album Exile on Main Street and with that we are getting new versions of some great old songs.

This album for the Stones was legendary for many reasons but the most was the explanation of the title. Basically their "Exile" begain in 1971 when the members of the band owed more taxes than they could pay in England, so they did what any rock and roll band would do. They got up and got the hell out of dodge, leaving England for the south of France. There in the basement of a mansion the band recorded Exile on Main Street. The rest is music history.

Check out the alternate version of their classic below and understand why this band is one of the greatest in rock and roll history.

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