Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Just Want To Dance...

How do you get me to instantly love your tv show? Feature really good music, mixed with excellent choreography and dancers who can actually dance. And there you have it, a show that will easily get me to tune in.

Its this simple format that has hooked me on to "So You Think You Can Dance" for the last few years. I watch it in collaboration with two ex coworkers and literally its one of my favorite parts of summer. These kids on this show know how to get down and well, I love that. I'm not watching bad singers or magicians (that was for you Daria). But I'm watching actual dancers, trained dancers. The people who go on this show already know how to dance and they have the opportunity to pair with some of the greatest choreographer to make beautiful pieces of art.

I highly suggest you watching this show.

It starts tonight with the audition rounds. And yes, these auditions are a lot like American Idol where they weed out the people who can not keep a beat but it also affords opportunities to see dance styles that are too unique for the actual show. I have seen some bad ass tap dancers, a clogger that was unbelievable and this man who does the robot better than ANYONE. (Yes I know that is a bold statement but just watch below).

This is bad ass.

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