Monday, May 17, 2010


Okay okay, I know when I'm wrong and I was wrong when it came to this. While back in NJ this weekend my brother introduced me to what is quickly becoming a song that I can not get out of my head. Now, I will admit that I had absolutely no idea who or what it was until my brother told me, so for this, he gets all of the credit. When he first said the name of the song I laughed in my head. Thought this was just another top 40s hit...nothing that would have peaked my interest. Then yesterday I heard the song on my ride back to New Jersey and really listened.

This song by the band Phoenix called Lisztomania is a fantastic song. Its happy its freeing its just great. Not only that but to whoever did this particular mash up video has made me quite happy. The dancing scenes from The Breakfast Club/Pretty In Pink fits in quite perfectly with this song.

To quote one of the comments on this youtube video.

"Whenever I am riding a "down" and want to be cheared, or flying an "up" and want to celebrate happiness, then I watch this vieod and dance without shame. Like they did in those movies; without shame, because they were young, because they wanted to and because life comes around but once. "

So watch this today. Enjoy it. Let it soak in. Its pretty great.

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