Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Muse....

Okay, I have professed my love for the band MUSE on this blog before. I saw them open up for u2 and was super impressed. Impressed enough to go back and buy all of their old albums, listen to them non stop and basically telling the story of their music to anyone who has listened.

I'm afraid that I may have been wrong. Scratch that, I was not wrong about their early music. Amazing stuff. Just amazing rock and roll music. Lately they have gone into the pop range, and well...its terrible. Their new song Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) is made for the Twilight Series and well...again...its terrible.

I can't believe I'm even posting it here, but I figured I might as well come clean before I start getting asked about "Hey isn't this the band that you loooove". Yes it is. This is not their best work.

In fact, I will post two videos, one of this new terrible song, and the other, and old yet fantastic showing of what this band is actually capable of.

Come on boys...don't let me down.

First their newest release:

Next their other older video for their song Starlight. It was made over 3 years ago and well it kicks ass.

I need to hear more of this..

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