Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tiny Desk Concert

There are many reasons to love NPR. Too many to actually go into on this blog, but what they do is just fantastic for the arts. I have recently become a huge fan of not only the NPR radio programs but their website. You see their website gives you instant access to archives of old music, stories, reviews, news. Its just fascinating, I can sit there all day.

My favorite thing to do is flip through old episodes of their "Tiny Desk Concert" series. The idea of it is simply genius, bring in bands big to small and have them literally play a concert from a tiny desk in the stations office. The office usually is crowded by NPR staff members and creates this intimate setting for artists to really show off their talent.

I have written about many tiny desk concerts on this blog before but this next one is special. For Somali-born rapper K'naan his appearance qualified as the first ever hip-hop Tiny Desk Concert. His rap music infuses soul, pop and espeically reggae creating a uniquely different sound. With the help of a crackling back up band, this three song set proves what people have been talking about for years. This man is a superstar, his songs are fabulous and he really speaks straight from the heart.

If you have time today go to npr.com and check out this concert series. Its fabulous.

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