Monday, May 17, 2010

Late Night Phish

My favorites Phish made their triumphant return to late night television last week with an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, their first in six years and well, they did not disappoint. Now while I do not care for Jimmy's show too much I have to give him credit for what he did last week.

To celebrate the re-release of the Rolling Stone classic album Exile on Main Street he brought a bunch of great bands together to play covers of the songs. Phish took their turn Thursday night, basically turning the studio on its head with their roaring cover of "Loving Cup" (one of my favorite covers they play). It was great to see this video for a few reasons. First, Keith Richards introduced the band, which was a treat for the band members who have spent most of their lives idolizing the Stones, second Trey debuted his new mullet style hair cut, third their version definitely melted a few faces in the audience and finally the crowd. It was great to see Phish have their phans on stage with them dancing their feet off, it looked and felt right.

Because really thats what Phish does, they bring the dance party. And that is why I love them so much.

Great job boys!! What a beautiful buzz...

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