Monday, May 31, 2010

Grace is Gone

Well I can't believe I'm saying this but for the second time this month my little brother has pointed me towards the direction of good music. The world is certainly on a tilt.

I'm working today. Yes I know, terrible. But really, I don't mind too much. I had a good night with two of my best friends from out of town last night and really thats all that I needed for the weekend. I don't mind being here for a few hours, and then going out to enjoy this afternoon (even though its supposed to be 95 degrees outside).

So during my daily facebook stalking of my brother I found this song and really truly forgot how beautiful the song is. And this version, well I had never seen it before, its pretty amazing. Just Dave and his guitar. So yes, brother you get me again. Please take a picture and make it last, I need to dust off my game and get back in it.

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