Friday, May 21, 2010


The word sacrifice took on a new meaning on the show once the image (below) was given to us in an earlier season. This picture basically wraps ups "Charlies" whole entire storeline in about two moments. He was there for a purpose. He was in love with Claire and did anything and everything in his power to keep her and his new friends safe. In the end it cost him his life, but he knew this. He faced the danger and kept moving forward. Basically choosing in the end to reedeem himself from a life full of drugs (lets be honest he found and hid herion in statues of the virgin mary, he epitomized bad decsions). But he ultimately at the end became a man worthy of the the term hero.

This last image we saw was one of the big game changers in the show. And like my brother used to say, when this happened we all said "Not Charwwwie!!".

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