Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glee went Gaga!

Last night was an epic night of television. For anyone out there that has been living under a rock and has not heard of this new show GLEE, I can not tell you enough how good a show you are missing! This show brings everything you love about Broadway and the theater and smashes it right into 2010's pop culture. Its brilliant, well written, has an exceptional cast of actors and is no surprise the breakout hit of the season. (It won the golden globe for best comedy without even putting out a full season of shows...thats pretty great).

Last night they made history yet again and did an entire episode out of Lady Gaga. The outfits, the bad romance, did I mention the outfits? (I especially loved the lobster headpiece with black spandex) These kids outdid themselves. I was on the floor laughing from the minute I saw them until the final few minutes where they did yet another amazing thing.

They united two of probably the greatest voices of my generation. First there is Idina Menzel who played and won a Tony for her rendition of the Wicked Witch in the Broadway show Wicked, and then there is Lea Michelle who was Tony nominated for a few of her Broadway roles but really hit it big when she was chosen as the lead for this show. The brilliant casting of Glee has allowed them to share the stage as mother and daughter, and well its musically genius. These two are meant to sing together, heck they are meant to play mother and daughter they look identical!

Now I dont know if Poker Face was the most appropriate mother/daughter song they could have sung, but seriously they could have sung the phone book and I would have given them a standing O. Check out the amazing performance below. And go watch GLEE!!!

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