Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CPR Training

This morning I will be not blogging due to the fact that I have CPR Class. Thats right, I get to go and re-learn those very simple things that one day will help me hopefully save someones life rather than running out the room in the opposite direction.

Now I feel as if this is probably my 15th CPR training I have had in my life. Between being a lifeguard, babysitter, working for the Heart Association and now here. I like to believe I'm pretty prepared.

I mean really as long as you keep the simple fact that the speed you are pumping their chest should be set to the Bee Gee's tune "Staying Alive". I'm not kidding. Need proof. CLICK HERE.

Pretty neat right? Well I will be breathing into dummy's mouths for the next three hours. So here is something that will make you laugh.

When I think of CPR training I think to the show "The Office". This is a good one.


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