Thursday, May 20, 2010


Okay, its on. LOST blogging non stop has begun. I'm sorry for all the non-watchers, but I can not contain my excitement for Sunday. It starts at 7pm with a 2 hour retrospective. Then from 9-11:30 is the finale (yes two and a half hours of pure LOST insanity) then followed by another hour of interviews on Jimmy Kimmel. Insane Insane Insane!!!

So, the next day and a half I will be posting about my favorite show moments, characters and anything and everything LOST. So again this is a non-judgemental blog so you will just have to deal.

Here is probably one of my top three favorite moments in LOST history. I remember distinctively when it happened, because well after I do remember jumping up onto my coffee table and screaming at the television. It was unexpected, and really when I think about it this moment in the show just proved to all of us that absolutely anything can happen.

The acting by Michael was top notch. Bravo!! (Still gives me chills when I see it)

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