Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Years Ago

Today marks the five year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings and while I'm sorry to start this week off on a somber note its one of those moments like September 11th where I will never forget where I was and what happened that day. 

You see for us here in Richmond it was a little different. I was working at the American Heart Association a place that employed a lot of mothers. About half those mothers had kids who were students at Virginia Tech. I will never forget sitting in my office and hearing people scream from one corner of the office to the other. We all watched the news unfold, scared to move and scared to make a phone call. We watched as the count went from 2 dead, to 7, to 11 to 18, 22, 26 ending all the way at 32. It was unbelievable. 

I can not imagine the scene on that campus that day. I can not imagine what went through these students heads who just wanted to get an education. I can not imagine what the parents went through waiting for their kids to call them with the ok. What the fellow students went through and what that campus went through in its aftermath. Its been five years but it feels like it was yesterday.

So today as you go through your normal Monday morning (where lets admit it we would all rather be home). Think of those 32 students whose lives were tragically cut short that April morning and say a little prayer for them and their families. We will never forget.

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