Monday, April 23, 2012

New Favorite!

Hello and Happy Monday. How is it that this day seems to come up so quickly every week. After the rainstorm that we had here in Richmond yesterday I could have used at least one more day to actually be productive, but its not in the cards. Oh well. Here is to another week.

I'm going to start off with something really good I promise. Last week I brought you a new band that I had just discovered called Harper Blynn. I told you to go to their website and download their album which was free by the way. After a week long of listening to almost nothing but this album I can really declare without a doubt that I do in fact LOVE this album. 

There is one song that sticks out as the best by far though... that one is called "Come Home To Me" and well its so new that I can't even find it on youtube. Nope. The only place I can find it to bring it to you is reblogged off of another site. You will have to follow the link below to get there. Click on "Caffeinated Radio" But trust me on it, its a great song!! 

Hope everyone has a good week planned!

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