Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jets Draft Day

Welcome to the NFL draft day. If you are a Jets fan you tend to want to sleep through the entire day. Why do I say this? Well while we have had some good moments in the draft we have made some complete boneheaded moves which is why you usually hear this "And with the 16th Pick in the NFL draft the NY Jets select ____ (insert name here)..... BOOOOO.

The draft is held in NY. Its filled with NY fans and well more often then not they let their feelings be known inside the draft room. Can't say I blame them with some of these moves over the years.

-Drafting Kyle Brady instead of Warren Sapp
-Passing on Dan Marino and Jerry Rice
-Drafting Johnny Mitchell
-Drafting Vernon Gholston
-Drafting Blair Thomas
-The entire 1986 and 1987 Drafts
-Using their first pick on kicker Mike Nugent instead of Frank Gore & Vincent Jackson
-Drafting Johnny Lam Jones instead of Art Monk
-Drafting Chris Ward
Drafting Roger Vick and Mike Haight

Thank you to Bleacher Report for the list. 

So what will happen tonight. We have 10 picks and a whole lot of holes to fill. My take on it. These are our top four. 1. Pass Rusher. 2. Free Safety 3. Offensive Tackle and 4. Wide Receiver. And with Sanchez and Holmes being booed at the Knicks game last night, I would say its sure to be a hostile environment inside that room.

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