Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Love Amy!

This is just one of the 1,307 reasons I love my dear friend Amy McCracken. Amy is part of a blog group called 3x3x365 and you can find the entire thing right HERE. Every day a group of three amazing ladies takes a picture, writes a little post about it and then they submit them together and its the blog for the day. Its an amazing idea and the three of them are all amazing writers. 

Amy's post today made me extremely happy!!! And after the last few days its exactly what I needed.

"Sometimes you have to break things down
into smaller segments
And if you start to get weary, 
and wonder if a finish line exists at all,
know that it does.
In fact, you can have a whole roll of it from 
Party City for thirty-nine cents.
With that, and some tape, you can create
your own victory anytime you want.
Several times a day if that is what it takes."

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