Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Music Alert!

Meet Harper Blynn. I just did and they are fantastic!!

Here is a quick bio on the group (and an actual true laughable story). The band is comprised of four members, Pete Harper, J. Blynn, Sarab Singh and lastly a man named Whynot (they say this is his actual name). 

J. Blynn and Sarab started making music in middle school. Pete then joined up when he met J. Blynn on his first day of college. The three of them moved to NYC in 2006. At first they lived in a loft in Brooklyn hated it then Pete and J. Blynn moved to a tiny apartment in the East Village and started touring the US regularly in a Toyota Corolla and Sarab moved back home with his family to Philadelphia. 

While the duo was on tour taking trains and mostly hitchhiking across the countryside after the Toyota gave out on them, friends called them to tell them that their small apartment had become infested with rats. They returned to NYC moved all their stuff back to Brooklyn and they started playing at local clubs around Manhattan. Quickly they generated a loyal fanbase on the strength of their live show. Sarab finally made his return to NYC and the three then met Whynot, and then Harper Blynn was born. They took their NYC buzz and they hit the road again, independently, and began touring all over the US. 

All of Harper Blynn's four band members sing, bring a unified and powerful emotional energy to the music. Lead vocals are shared by the two that write the songs, Pete Harper and J. Blynn. 

They put out their debut album Loneliest Generation after recording it over 10 days in NYC. The album was produced by David Kahne (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney) and Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Chris Whitley, Kaki King).

Here is my favorite song....

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