Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jam Band Goes Country

Let me state this for the record. I really do not like country music. Now that that has been said, while flipping through channels the other night I came across a country music awards show. Probably my least favorite thing that could have been on at the present moment. Well.... I ended up stopping. Why? Because the Zac Brown Band's performance was on and well, it caught me pleasantly by surprise. I remember seeing Zac Brown play at some small jam band stages when I was back in college. He was just starting out, trying to make a name for himself and well I see that he went the country route and hasn't done too bad for himself. I hated the first song that he tried to put out, it was called chicken fried? Something like that... and was every single thing I hated about country music at the present moment. 

Well the man redeemed himself with just a good song. Check out "Keep Me In Mind" below and tell me that you are not at least tapping your foot. That and a lot of the video was filmed at Red Rocks. 

"How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby
I've been looking for someone like you to save me
Life's too easy to be so damn complicated
Take your time and I'll be waitin'

Keep me in mind
Somewhere down the road you might get lonely
Keep me in mind
And I pray that someday that you will love me only"

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