Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stella Angelico and The Switch - Mister

I will be spending a good portion of my day today trying to figure out how exactly I have missed this talent from Melbourne. Her debut video featured below is stellar and her voice is out of this world. 

The video plays out like this. Angelico walks into a boxing ring, laughs at her body guards and then just starts to belt. It starts off soft, unplugged and just easy vocals then it descends into a huge chorus, showing that her voice has some serious oomph to it. 

The song is perfect for Angelico's voice, and the lyrics like "really wanna see your ego take a dive, mister I'm gonna eat you alive" seems to really fit the gaze that she is giving in the video. From what I read she is right on the brink of hitting it big here in the states. With pure, raw talent like hers it shouldn't be too long before Angelico is a household name.

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