Monday, April 16, 2012

Kimbra. The Whole Story.

Okay I know that I have touched on Kimbra before on this blog on a few occasions but never gave her the full credit of a full blog post, so here it goes!! She is easily on my top five artists at the current moment. Here we go with a quick background. 

Kimba was born out in New Zealand in the town of Hamilton and has been writing music for the last 5 years. she writes a fusion of jazz and soul and is known as much for her erratic but graceful voice. She is said to be inspired by such artists as Bjork and Jeff Buckley. 

She got her first taste of success in 2004 when she received a Second place in the Smokefree Rockquest along with Best Vocals and Womens Musicianship -- she was 14 years old at the time. Before she dropped her debut album she released two singles "Simply on My Lips" and "Deep for You". 

Her debut album named 'Vows' was released in 2011. Since then three singles have really taken off from this album, 'Cameo Lover', 'Settle Down', 'Good Intent'. She also (and this is what most know her from) collaborated with Australian artist Gotye for the single 'Somebody that I Used to Know'. The song has since peaked on the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, The Netherlands and most recently the US all at Number 1. 

On a personal note I have listened to her entire album 'Vows' and if you haven't given it a spin yet I highly recommend it. Her voice is very unique and her style is unlike any other. 

The following is my favorite called "Good Intent".

"I know you didn't mean it, boy you meant so well
The pennies are cascading down your wishing well
I know you didn't mean it when you counted to ten
You're slipping through the fingers of your good intent"

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