Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love Is A Four Letter Word

Welcome back to another day on the blog. Its morning and I'm finally able to process what exactly I did to my blog last night. So far I like the new layout. It is for sure very different but I think it will be easier to navigate the page and find what you are looking for. We will see how it works out. 

Now back to important things like music. 

Yesterday Jason Mraz's new album came out and I have not been shy about the love I have for this mans music. I have always liked it, its right up my alley. Especially his love songs, songs like "You and I" and now this next one "Woman I Love" off his new album 'Love is a Four Letter Word', they are just amazing well written songs. He stopped by the Ellen show yesterday to play the new one. 

"We don't have to hurry
You can take as long as you want
I'm holdin' steady
My heart's at home
With my hand behind you
I will catch you if you fall
Yeah I'm gonna love you, like the woman I love"

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