Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

This post is brought to you by my little brother Rick. Rick doesn't often give me musical suggestions outside the realm of Brittany Spears songs and songs that have recently appeared on Ryan Seacrests Top 40 list. But every once in a while he has a stroke of musical genius and sends me down a path that I wouldn't have normally went. This is the case with a band called Neon Trees. 

About two years ago he told me about this band and their song "Animal". He was obsessed with it. In turn I became obsessed with it and started tracking this band. While I was sad that they were becoming a one hit wonder recently I heard the rumblings of their new song and well I finally caught a performance of it yesterday. The song is called "Everybody Talks" and I can't stop listening to it. The song is sure to be a huge radio hit so if you have the chance get on board now before it completely blows up.

On a side note I also love the lead singer. He is different and quirky and his voice is nothing short of spectacular.

So thanks for this recommendation little brother. 

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