Friday, February 19, 2010

I Miss This Band

Yeah I'm going to say it, I miss seeing the String Cheese Incident. I spent a good portion of college following this band along. I do believe that this band single handedly saved me when Phish took a break. I loved seeing this band live, I loved taking road trips with friends to see them, they quickly became top billing in my book. I had some very memorable Cheese road trips such as Atlanta 420, Sunshine Florida and a Chicago NYE that the only word I can use to describe was "LASERS". I had such a great time seeing them. That was until Phish came back. Since Phish's return I haven't seen as much of SCI then I would like to. I would say I would love to change this, but they recently have taken a break (with only two shows scheduled this year in Colorado). So I feel like that girl that has went out searching for her long lost love to find him married with three children. So today I'm revisiting the old days, the days of fond memories, the days of the electric mandolin.

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