Monday, February 22, 2010

Marcus Roberts on Jazz Piano

Well happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend here in Virginia I know I sure did. Training started for the few races I have around here this spring, so that is exciting. On bummed out news, the ben and jerry's that I could see from my deck has closed its doors for good. While this will help my running out, it definitely bums me out that I will not be able to get my Cherry Garcia whenever I wanted. Sigh. Tough life.

Anyways onto the better things in life. Yes thats right Jazz Piano. I got into work this morning with about 100 things on my plate so I needed something simple that would just get me into the working news. I hit up my one stop destination for all things good in the music world, NPR and found this great concert from legendary Jazz Pianist Marcus Roberts. Roberts hails from Florida, where he first picked up the piano after losing his sight at age 5. Since then he has mastered a wide range of styles and arrangements. Enjoy this concert brought to you by NPR and get into the swing of the week.

Happy Monday

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