Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nickleback Officially Less Popular Than A Pickle

I will start out this post saying that I have been laughing so hard following this story for the last few weeks. And waiting for the day that I could take to this blog and announce the official results. This pickle you see here to the left has more fans then the band Nickleback. Yes lets all share a collective laugh.

Now for the back story:
I find Nickleback to be probably one of the top 3 WORST bands that have somehow hit it big. It makes really no sense to me, and I knew out there I wasn't alone. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a fan page on facebook called "Can This Pickle Get More Bands Than Nickleback". Finally a cause I can get behind. I joined right away.

Slowly but surely this group took speed and it became serious. I started reading about it on other blogs, more and more people were joining and the group was close to hitting its goal of having more fans than the band who had 1.38 million fans.

Well facebook people. You did it. This weekend the group finally passed over 1.4 million fans officially making it more popular than the band. Hilarious. Now I thought it would kind of end here. Yay, we did it. That band sucks. Onto the next group to join like "No Way You Also Remember The 90s". Well it didn't.

When this facebook group hit its goal, it also became very national news. I even read an article about it yesterday stemming from cnn. Yet it hit a new form of craziness when the lead singer of the band Nickleback chose to get involved. Now the following will detail out exactly why this band is horrible and that nobody should support them at all. You ready?

THE MAN CAN'T TAKE A JOKE. The following is the conversation that the lead singer sent to the TEENAGER who created the page.

Yes thats right. The lead singer of this band has taken to his facebook page to shit talk a teenager and she won. haha. How pathetic can you be Chad? Really? Like you said you somehow sold 30 million records? Why do you care about facebook? (Current state: dying from laughter under my desk). When asked for further comment from the creator of the page she responded "This pickle page is strictly intended for humour. The whole time, I was pro-pickle, more than anti Nickleback." Coreal Anne whoever you are, you are my new hero.

And just to hammer the point home. I found this FANTASTIC video depicting the heated battle.

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