Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yes another American Idol post. Buy whyyyy katie? Why are you doing this to me?

Well for a simple reason. Idol is not all that bad. WHAAAAAA? Its obvious I need to tell you why.

Yes. Not all that bad. Some of the people who have came out of American Idol you just can not deny their talent. SOME OF THEM! Need example? Umm...Jennifer Hudson anyone? Now do I think that 2010 American Idol is the same from some of the first seasons where they were truly living the american dream? Example. Season one, they took a waitress from a diner in Texas. She had sung some times before never too professionally and gave her a stage to perform on. This girl had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Unlike these days where the contestants know that 50 million people are watching them and that their performance on one particular night could make or break their careers. These people especially during season one had no idea what they were trying out for. Is it like Star Search? They really hadn't seen the likes of this type of "pop star talent contest" before.

So thats why I always get sucked into American Idol. Because I loved the first season. It was fresh, it was new, were some of the people terrible? heck yeah. But did I care? Not one bit. Why? Because of this girl.

This simple waitress from Texas who on her first week on Idol came out and sang this. And I've been sold.

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