Monday, March 14, 2011

Band Tattoos?

Are you that dedicated to your band that you must put it in ink on your body for the world to see? 

Yeah me either... but these guys are! 

Mr. Bob Dylan

Insane Sublime tattoo

The Beatles

And I'm sorry this may look great for a day. But a tattoo of Trey...really? 
hahahahah Fail Phish fan Fail. 


  1. haha i'm so glad that despite your affection for all things phish, you acknowledge that a tattoo of the singer's face is indeed an epic fail.

  2. The Sublime Tatt is pretty cool...but if I was to get my favorite band permanently etched into my skin I would have to go with a steal your face tat with jerry's face in the skull! But I am not one for permanency so I might have to go with a temporary tattoo. Hmmmmm wonder if I could get one like that out of the quarter machine? LOL!