Monday, March 28, 2011

First Four to Final Four

Those are the words that are ringing through the streets of Richmond, Virginia today; one day after our little art school VCU pulled off what is the biggest upset of the college basketball year by beating Kansas, winning a berth at their first Final Four appearance. 

Now, for all that are not from this great city you need to understand something. The biggest team we have here within our city is a baseball team called the Richmond Squirrels. Thats right, Squirrels. Before yesterday the thought of Richmond VA being put on the map for basketball was just about as likely as me winning the 100+ million lottery on Friday night. 

But somehow VCU was able to do it. They made believers out of an entire city and well today if your not in Richmond, I truly feel bad for you. The entire city is buzzing. Everyone is happy, wearing their VCU gear with pride. Welcome Richmond to the national stage. I don't know about you but I'm happy to be here!!!

Here are some great pictures from the paper today! Oh yeah a paper who has officially changed their logo to this below. Ha. 

the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Here is how our city reacted last night.... I have never seen so much VCU gear in my life!

VCU fans

VCU Fans

VCU fans

VCU fans

Loooove it!
More to come. 

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