Friday, March 11, 2011


So with all this craziness happening in the world today. I did something today that well... I shouldn't have. But I did... why? Because I'm 28, I work really really hard, and there are a few things that hands down bring me a lot of joy. One my friends. Two my music. 

So how was it that I was going to miss the one Phish show this summer that my best friend Brianna was flying back from Cali for? A show that just happened to land on her birthday? A show in the middle of where I went to college meaning everyone I know and love will be there? A show that is a mere 2.5 hours away from my house. A show that cost me a mere $55 dollars this morning to secure a ticket. Thats right. I told myself no. But in this really crazy world we live in, where tomorrow is not promised. Why would I keep myself from such joy? I will not.

So in June, on a Saturday, I will pack up my car. Drive to Maryland, hang out with my best friends and my favorite band, and I guarantee that I will smile. 

Cause isn't that what this world is all about? I won't be caught saving for the rainy day... I will be out living now.

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