Monday, March 7, 2011

Miley On SNL...."Pretty Cool"

Okay, I am smart enough to know when to admit to a mistake, and last week I made a big one. 

If you remember I pointed out that I was terrified to see that Miley Cyrus was hosting Saturday Night Live. I thought the show would tank and well I thought the reason being was that Miley would not have the a. comedy chops b. balls to pull off this type of show. 

Well, I was wrong. As she likes to put it... the entire thing was "pretty cool". 

I was not only impressed with the way that she came out in the opening monologue and pretty much put all her critics to shame. She talked about the minor scandals that have plagued her life but made sure to point out "shes not perfect". I thought they couldn't have written it better. As Charlie Sheen would say..."winner".

Then when it came time for her skits she did me proud by making fun of the man himself. Justin Beiber. She proved she not only had the comedy chops, but the timing and voice to pull it all off. 

So I'm wrong. Miley Cyrus was a good host. (especially compared to some of the duds we have had this season). Foot inserted into mouth.

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