Monday, March 14, 2011


I remember vividly the day that I stole my parents Fleetwood Mac CD.. 

It was in my mothers car. I heard the song "Landslide" and thought.... I must have this. I ran back to the car, popped it out of the cd player and ran it back inside 40 Northview Drive. I would play it forwards and back, until I knew every single song by heart. You see this is how I listened to much of my early music.... I stole it from my parents. Sorry guys I did. 

I remember taking my moms "Beatles Anthology" tapes and my Dads old Zeppelin albums. I even remember vividly the day that my mom came in to find me screaming "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" from the Beatles for her to just look at me and laugh. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for having this great music laying around the House for me to use as my own. I could say I blame you for my music obsession... but in fact it is the best blessing ever. 

This weekend I got into some old Fleetwood Mac videos that I had on my computer and found this one from a show back in 1976. One of my favorite songs "Rhiannon" and for it being over 35 years since this video was taken, its stellar quality. And has been in my head now for the last 36 hours. 

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