Thursday, March 3, 2011

Travis Barker

From the outside many people look at Travis Barker and his little skinny body filled with crazy tattoos and dismiss him as a punk rocker or a bad ass. Yet if people actually took the time to stop judging books by their cover what they will find is probably one of the more talented drummers to come out of my day. 

He used to be part of the hit trio in the early 2000s called "Blink 182" yet since then he has made his name for himself as a pretty fantastic hip hop drummer. His remixes of songs can be found all over the internet and well once you see him play live you will forever be changed by his style. He is high energy, on his feet, big armed drummer. His symbols sit particularly high for someone of his stature. 

Last night I was reminded of just this while flipping through the channels. I somehow landed on Leno and found him drumming behind the Cyprus Hill front man and well. He stole the show. 

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