Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday is Here!

Yup thats right, somehow I have made it through this week! I have to admit, I have been having fun doing themes here on the blog. It keeps me focused and well lets admit, with my ever present ADD I need it.

So that being said, since it is Friday I need to end this week long run of soundtracks with a bang and well... how about this one... Almost Famous! I know I have talked about it a lot on here, but it too good not to be included. You will easily see why it won the Grammy the year it came out.

The movie is a simple concept. At the age of 16 a young writer is tapped to go on tour with Stillwater. At the time, a band that was at the top of their game. The movie is about the entire music scene as seen through this kids eye. It was amazing.

Check out the trailer below and then I'll get on with the music.

"I have to go home now...... you ARE home"

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