Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diana Ross Central Park Concert

Diana Ross's Central Park Concert back in 1981 is highly regarded as one of the best concerts.... ever.

She took to the famous stage for the first time in her career and let nothing stop her. Not wind, not pouring down rain, not the screams from her label and crew to get her off the stage. She proudly went into the NYC night and declared "It took me a lifetime to get here....I'm not going anywhere."

And she stood in the horrible weather and sang her heart out. Sang it for all those fans who were sitting in the rain with her. After watching the video below you can easily see how moving of a show it was. I mean and its Diana Ross in Central Park. Nothing short of fabulous. 

I need to get to a DVD store stat! 


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  2. Love it!!! Watching it right now at PBS... (WNYC Thirteen)